Who Am I?

My name is Jakob Weizman and I’m 22 years of age. I’ve already begun my career as a journalist, writing for various publications such as:

I plan to continue my success in the most efficient way possible. So, first I’d like to introduce myself a bit more extensively. I’m Danish-Colombian, born to a Danish father and Colombian mother, and I grew up in Washington D.C. Throughout my life I’ve also lived in Bogota, New York, Austria and Denmark. At the moment, I reside in Aalborg, Denmark after living in Pristina, Kosovo for the past three years where I’ve recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Sciences, particularly in Peace/Conflict Studies and Public Policy/Governance at Rochester Institute of Technology’s Kosovo campus.

I will be attending the Erasmus Mundus Master’s Journalism program at Aarhus University in September, in which I will undertake my first year of the program in Denmark and the second at Charles University in Prague under the Totalitarianism and Transition specialization.


Presently, I work for as a freelance journalist for the International, an English media outlet in Denmark. Writing is my passion and I’m determined to pursue my career as a journalist/writer for the rest of my life. It’s an approach that’s second to none in which it allows me to express my thoughts, feelings and opinion about ideas and topics that I’m interested in.

I’ve traveled the world by setting foot in over 30 countries which further constructed my perspective towards the interaction of our modern society. I’ve embraced other cultures, spoken in many different tongues, established friendships with people from a multitude of distinctive places and found myself along the way.  The reason for the existence of this website is to showcase my writing by highlighting what I’m truly passionate about and I hope that in some way or another my work will be able to impress you.